Farmers Markets are Coming to Vesper !

FARMERS MARKETS are coming soon to Vesper Kansas at the Vesper Community Center! The Vesper Farmers Market will be FREE for farmers, ranchers, gardeners, crafters and anyone to sell locally grown produce, crafts, products and services to the public every week indoors and/or outdoors at the community center every Thursday beginning on April 29th. The community center and grounds will be open and free for sellers. No admission fees will be charged for buyers. Farmers markets will happen in Vesper every Thursday from 4pm to 7pm from April 29th through November 11th to coincide with indoor and outdoor walking and other community activities. Concessions will also be sold by volunteers to fund raise for the community center and will include beverages, ice cream and fresh popcorn. More details to be announced soon. Get your steps in and purchase locally grown and sold produce, crafts and other products. If you have any ideas, or are interested in selling produce or crafts or volunteering, please send a message or send an email at or leave a message at 785 524 2466 and we’ll keep you up to date and help promote what you plan to sell. This new community program would not be possible if it wasn’t for philanthropic sponsors which include the Lincoln County Wind Economic Benefit Fund (WEB), Dane G Hansen and the Post Rock Community Foundation, along with local business financial supporters which include Serier’s Clothing, Bank of Tescott, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed of Sylvan, S&S Auto Body, Meyer Tire & Lube, the Hungry Hunter Restaurant, Bennington State Bank, World Pest Control, and Kansas Mid West Homes and Movers. Check out later this month for more information about the Vespers Farmers and Crafts Market !