The Community Center offers a community bingo the first Saturday of each month. Doors and Concessions open at 5:30pm and at 7:00pm, twenty games of bingo are played including a jackpot blackout round. A 20 game booklet can be purchased for $6 which has 3 game boards for each of the 20 games played, and you can purchase larger books if you wish to play more than 3 boards per game. $9 purchases 6 boards per game and $12 purchases 9 boards per game. Cash prizes are given out for each game and raffles are sometimes offered too.

1) No bingo cards will be sold before 5:30pm the day of bingo
2) Daubers will be sold at the concession stand or bingo card stand.
3) Any age is eligible to play bingo
4) Bingo pay outs will be set according to the attendance of that session before bingo begins. Jackpot (Blackout) pay out for the session will be announced before bingo begins and anyone wishing to return their purchased cards and get a refund can do so before the FIRST number is called for the first game as long as the cards are still intact and no marks have been made on them.
5) Bingo winners who have a bingo matching the current game pattern may call Bingo at anytime up to the time the caller has announced the number of winners and reset the game board for that game. Winners do not need to have the last number called in their bingo pattern. “Sleepers” are allowed to win.
6) All bingos must be paid out at the end of each game. We can not go back and pay on a previous game.
7) If there is more than one winner in a game, the prize will be divided equally and/or rounded up to the nearest dollar.
8) No alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed in the premises.
9) No outside food or beverages can be brought into the building, except water and/or ice.
10) In the case of emergency such as fire, tornado warning, electrical outage etc. bingo will end for that session.

This is being posted in accordance with publication KS-1640 Rev 8-19.
Updated as of 2/6/2021