About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Vesper Community Club Inc., a 501c (3) non profit organization run by volunteers, is to improve and maintain what was the donated Vesper USD school gymnasium and grounds as a community center, event center and public park.

The former gym of the Vesper grade school (Grades 1-12) was built in circa 1951, and was later donated along with the original limestone -built school to the Vesper Community Mens Club in the 1970s. Years later the organization’s name was changed to the Vesper Community Club Inc.

Years ago the facility received a major update as a result of a very generous bequest from Glenn Mueller, and has been maintained ever since with the help of volunteers, grants and the patronage of center sponsored events and private rentals. Some current community center volunteers graduated from the original school in the 1960s. The limestone school structure didn’t survive but its timber and stone materials were re-purposed and used in projects throughout the County. Monthly bingo is one of the community center’s most popular events, and has been a Lincoln County tradition since the 1970s and is run by volunteers. Some of the Bingo Volunteers have been volunteering for nearly 50 years !

Vesper Board Members: 2022/2023

President: Danny Huehl
Vice President: Michael Kratky
Treasurer: David Gerstmann
Secretary: Mona Gerstmann