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Check back here or our facebook page for the latest details about our next farmers market. Sellers pay no fees or commissions and admission for the public is free. If you are planning on selling at a future farmers market(s), please call us at 785 524 2466 or use the form below to let us know what you are selling and/or which dates, and we’ll do our best to let people know you plan to attend. Letting us know is not required, but it helps us let the public know what may be offered for sale at each market.

The Vesper Farmers Markets are registered as a “Farmers Market” with the State of Kansas. Many registered Farmers markets throughout Kansas are listed here:

Throughout the growing season, markets happen every Thursday 4pm-6pm (both indoor and outdoor vendors) or as long as vendors stay. Vendors often leave early or sell out, so come as soon as you can.

Got eggs? Sell your eggs at the AIR CONDITIONED Vesper Farmers Market on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm. Sellers with flocks less than 250 hens do not require a KDA license. Ungraded eggs may be sold by small producers (51 to 250 hens) if maintained at 45°F or less. Very small producers (1-50 hens) do not have to maintain eggs at 45°F or less, but it is strongly recommended to reduce the chance of illness. More information about egg sales is available here:

In Kansas, any farmers market participant at a registered farmers market assumes the inherent risks of attending, buying or selling goods at a farmers’ market. This includes visitors, buyers, sellers and consumers of products purchased at the farmers market. (KSA 2-3801 et seq.)

UPDATES for this year and last year:

August 2022

There has a wide variety of fresh locally grown produce including potatoes, onions, garlic, whole cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes, cabbage. There has also been a wide variety of fresh baked specialty breads, fruit pies, including some made with Colorado peaches , muffins, cookies, and specialty iced coffees. There were fresh spices, and a large display of locally produced crafts. One local resident put out a table of FREE cucumbers ! As August continues, despite the heat, a steady supply of fresh produce is expected as more area gardens begin to begin harvesting?

June/July 2022

Here are some of the vendors who’ve been selling this year. As gardens produce, more produce is expected !

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Indoor walking, yoga and other activities may also occur during farmers market hours.

Children are welcome to play in the playground with adult/guardian

Community Center volunteers will be selling ice cream sundaes, fresh oil/butter popped popcorn , beverages and floats to fund raise for community purposes of the center.

Important Information for Vendors:

Vendors are individually responsible for complying with all federal and state laws regarding the sale of their products. The Vesper Community Center is neither authorized or required to enforce State laws. The State of Kansas requires individuals and businesses and non profits who make retail sales to the public more than 4 times a year to register with the Kansas Department of Revenue for an retailer sales tax account number and collect and remit retailer sales taxes unless exemptions apply. Sales tax can be added to or included in the sales price and if included in the sales price a sign should be posted to that effect. Sellers who sell more than 4 times a year can register with KDOR for an online account to remit tax on their sales electronically. As of 7/22 sales tax in Vesper is 7.5% but subject to change. More info may be found here: KDOR Registration If not registered for an online account with KDOR, or selling less than 4 times yearly, sales taxes can be paid by mail within 25 days of the event(s) using a special event KDOR remittance form by clicking here Vendors are encouraged to seek their own liability coverage through their farm or other available insurance policies. This information is provided as legal information only. The community center and its volunteers do not provide legal advice, nor are authorized to enforce food safety regulations.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture regulates the retail sale of certain foods and while some foods are exempt from requiring a food establishment license to be sold at a farmers market, some foods require them. Sometimes it depends on size of the farm/establishment or the number of times the product that sold that determine whether special licensing or inspection is required by the State. Vendors are encouraged to check with the KS Dept of Ag or their local extension office for more information.

More information about food safety and licensing requirements can be found here:

VENDOR SIGN UP FORM. Vendors who sign up or message the community center (or leave a message on our phone) and tell us what they are selling may be mentioned on the Vesper CC facebook page prior to each market.