Facility Rentals

SPECIAL EVENT rentals – weddings, birthdays, auctions, memorials, reunions, craft and gun shows etc.

The Vesper Community Center offers one of the largest meeting/event halls in the county with a 4800 square feet facility room, a kitchen, stage, over 300 available chairs, 50+ tables, and allowances for over night operation and parking for cars, campers and RVs.

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Table cloths, decorations, food serving equipment/dispensers/roasters, serving supplies not included.

To see if the facility is available for your event, check out the calendar near the bottom of this page:

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Procedures for Opening and Closing the Facility (light switches, gas, thermostats etc)


Independent Service Providers

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Call 785 524-2466 for questions how to fill in the contract, or to inquire about reserving a date for your special event and/or to check availability.

The center is available for rentals and can seat up to 350 people. Chairs and tables for up to 300 people are included in the rental. Small civic meeting/gatherings can rent the facility for two to 2 hours with up to 50 people for as little as $50. Other single day events, parties and gatherings from 51 to 350 people costs $150-$500 depending on the size of group, time required, and if food, beverages and/or alcohol will be served, use of stage, kitchen and cleaning services. For weddings, a $700 three day weekend wedding/party rental package that provides Friday for setup/rehearsals, all day and night use on Saturday for your big event and Sunday for cleanup.

The no smoking facility is one large room (approx 4800 square feet) and has a stage area, and two bathrooms each with multiple stools/sinks and a kitchen/concession area that can be used for refrigeration and food warming when catering or providing your own food and drink. The system is served by a modern HVAC heating and cooling system. The facility offers a large outside area with ample parking, a small playground and a covered picnic area.

Event Insurance provided by the renter is required for weddings and any group gatherings where alcohol is consumed (no exceptions). Rentals are first come first serve booked with payment and a security deposit (see contract terms) based on availability. Unless the optional cleaning fee is paid for, a pre-event and post-event walk through is mandatory to ensure you left the facility in the same condition you found it in. Cleaning fees are required for weddings and weekend rentals, optional for other events. Security deposits are returned to the renter within 7 days of the event if there are no damages/losses.

Low cost recurring organization meeting rentals – weekly and monthly regular meetings

Does your organization need a facility to have your regular meetings? The Vesper Community Center offers groups low cost private meeting space. The facility main hall is nearly 4800 square feet so you can socially distance and still get your meetings in. Weekly meeting space is available for as little as $50/month. Pick a 2 hour (or longer) slot on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, day or evening and have access to the facility every week of the year for less than $15 per meeting. If you only need to meet once a month, then the cost is as low as $25. Tables and chairs are included. Rentals are subject to availability, and an executed annual lease agreement. The facility is also available for rent as a dance studio. For pricing and terms, check out www.vespercc.org or call 785 524 2466 for more info.