The former gym of the Vesper grade school (Grades 1-12) was built in circa 1951, and was later donated along with the original limestone -built school to the Vesper Community Mens Club. The limestone school did not survive but with grants and generous donations by individuals and groups, the gym was renovated improved and repurposed into a community center.

A online photographic and video history of Vesper Township created by Harold Smith dedicated to his brother Charles Smith who authored a photographic history book about Vesper “then and now” is available at the following website – http://www.donlsmith.net/vesper.htm you can click on the link below to open it in a new tab – Vesper Then and Now. The three photographs below are from that website. Many more are available at the above link or buy the book !

A website devoted to Vesper alumni can be found here: https://www.vespercardinals.com/

A video slide show of Vesper’s history can be watched here: https://vimeo.com/38113027

Original gym undated photo Credit Charles Smith
Interior- bingo in the old days. Credit Charles Smith

Major Vesper Township Flood circa 1951? and picture of old grade school next to gym- undated Credit Charles Smith