Community Engagement for Mural Design

Community Engagement
Through in person surveys at community center events, artwork ideas have been solicited from the community. A Kansas artist has been chosen, Matt Miller of Hays Kansas to paint a circa 800 square foot mural that will wrap around the 15 to 20 foot high west and south facing metal clad exterior sides of the building. The mural / artwork, entitled “In the Wind” will show how the wind has played a vital role for the citizens since the county’s founding. The selected theme of the artwork will be wind energy and how wind has powered life, supports the environment and economy, and supports positive growth in the community. The mural art will include wind turbines from old water drawing models dating back to the county’s founding, to the current megawatt energy producing wind farm that now dominates the entire southern landscape of the county today. Some of the mural scenes will include images of wheat, sunflowers, the Kansas flag, which was designed by Hazel Avery of Lincoln KS, Vesper baseball and its mascot, and limestone objects that have historical and cultural meaning for the community such as post rock and the Vesper school. Sketches will be available for viewing in July with the work to begin later in the month.