Vesper Community Center Community Appreciation Hour Open House Sat Feb 8th 3pm to 4pm

The Vesper Community Center is hosting an open house reception and community appreciation hour from 3pm to 4pm, Saturday Feb 8th following the farm show and the public is invited to this free event. FREE food, and a selection of COMPLIMENTARY alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Some of the food and drink is surplus from recent community events and some has been donated for this fundraiser. If you know someone who has ever volunteered or donated to the center or has attended our events please share this invitation with them and invite your friends and family.

The center had a successful year with additional events put on the calendar, and patronage at bingo our primary fundraiser has increased by nearly 100%. The board of directors of the center want to thank past and present officers, members, volunteers, donors, sponsors and all our patrons for helping the center update its facilities and grow its programs.

Dane G Hansen and the Post Rock Community Foundations, the Lincoln County Council on Aging, and the Lincoln County Wind Economic Benefit Fund as well as other donors have all provided very generous grants to update the center including brand new entrance and exit doors which were installed recently.

This will be an opportunity to see some of the major improvements that have been made to the facility in recent years, learn about the near 5000 sq ft banquet hall facility which is available for rental use, share ideas for new community uses, and learn about the center’s next $30,000 fundraising goal to replace its circa 70 year floor.

Donations are not required but will be very appreciated and all are welcome to attend and have a good time. Come a little early and you can meet some of our farm show vendors and perhaps win one of our free raffle prizes too. Attached is a picture showing what a brand new floor might look like and we will have some floor samples on hand for the public to let us know what styles we should consider for our next major capital project..