Next Bingo is Saturday September 4th

How about some wholesome family fun this Saturday! Bingo is happening this Saturday, September 4th in Vesper at the Community Center and there will be some delicious take-out and dine-in food too. There will be hot and ready grilled burgers and cheeseburgers, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, baked apple and tri-berry pie, loaded nachos, beverages, ice cream and popcorn, being sold by volunteers to fund raise from 5:30m thru 8:30pm, and bingo will start at 7:00pm. Burgers are only $2 and all 20 games of bingo can be played for as little as $6 per person. The Vesper Community Center is located in Vesper Township at 1247 N 120th Rd Lincoln KS 67455 right off Hwy 18. More info about bingo including the house rules are here:

Last month Lacie Faison won the blackout round during an actual blackout ! 80 players and their guests were in attendance. $423 in prizes were given out over the 20 games of bingo. Volunteers Paul Kuchera and Michael Kratky staffed the bingo table and Laura Huel called the games. During the 10th game, a blackout occurred during the thunderstorms, but thankfully, emergency lighting provided with grants from the Post Rock Community Foundation and the Lincoln County WEB fund, kicked on automatically and remained lit throughout the evening.

An early intermission was called, and while the players and guests enjoyed beverages, snacks and meals from the concession stand, David Gerstmann and Michael Kratky drove through the storm to collect a generator and extension cords to power additional lighting, the bingo computer/board and screen to complete all the games during the blackout. With the generator and extension cords in place, the games soon continued and Lacie Faison won the “blackout” round during the blackout which persisted through the rest of the games.

Linda Wrench, Mona and David Gerstmann, Colton Brummer, and Marlin Huehl volunteered in the concession stand. Connie and Gerald Huehl donated pecan and cinnamon rolls which were delicious and sold out quickly. With the slightly extended intermission, food sales were very strong and along with free will donations, the concession stand and bingo event raised hundreds of dollars to support the utilities, insurance and community event expenses of the center. Despite the blackout, the evening turned out to be one of the best bingo fund raisers of the year !