Have your regular meetings here

Does your organization need a facility to have your regular meetings? The Vesper Community Center offers groups low cost private meeting space. The facility main hall is nearly 4800 square feet so you can socially distance and still get your meetings in. Weekly meeting space is available for as little as $50/month. Pick a 2 hour (or longer) slot on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, day or evening and have access to the facility every week of the year for less than $10 per meeting. If you only need to meet once a month, then the cost is as low as $25. Tables and chairs are included. Subject to availability, and executed lease agreement, and other lease conditions. The facility is also available for rent as a dance or exercise studio, or rented for single event birthdays, memorials, weddings, and other special happenings. For pricing and terms, check out www.vespercc.org or call 785 524 2466 for more info.